MCT Oil Revolutionized Endurance Sport

I’ve been an endurance mountain bike racer for 11 years, competing at an Elite level for 8, specializing in Singlespeed Solo ultra-endurance efforts. I have worked closely with a team of Homeopathic Doctors, Acupuncturists and Holistic Nutritionists to help pass along my endurance nutrition experience to numerous athletes I have mentored and coached over the years. My goal is to support and spread the word about natural health food companies, such as JustSHAKETM Nutrition, in hopes that more and more athletes question the “carbo-loading norm” and try a different path. This path has allowed me personally to overcome decades of debilitating chronic asthma, additional inflammatory disease, and have propelled me to be able to stand atop podiums, accomplishing athletic fetes I never dreamed imaginable.

You can accomplish any goal you set forth, are you up for it?
Kimmi Runner
Kimmi Runneron March 25, 2021